LEO is a hand-held meter for IVF application. It allows measurement of CO2-O2 gas composition, temperature, relative humidity, and gas flow of high-top and bench-top incubators, by using multiple sensor modules.

The CO2-O2-MODULE is embedded into LEO, and it is included standard. The CO2-O2-MODULE can be easily extracted and sent to Okolab for re-calibration. Other (external) sensor modules can be connected to LEO’s connection ports.

LEO allows organization of the stored data, associating a label to each device connected. You can store up to 40 devices. The stored data can be displayed on LEO’s screen, organized by date and device.

Available Sensors

  • CO2-O2-MODULE (included with LEO)







  • Included CO2-O2-MODULE

  • User-friendly touch screen interface

  • Compatible with any incubator on the market

  • Diffusion or Aspiration gas sampling modes

  • Sampling tube and de-humidification kit included

  • Long term logging and single point measurement

  • USB OTG for data downloading to a USB flash drive

  • Two external sensor connections to connect up to two optional sensor modules at the same time

  • Software Update is available online so that LEO always has the latest software version

  • Optional sensor modules are available

Download LEO User Manual 


The Tri-Gas Mixer is a digital CO2-O2 controller that mixes CO2, Air and N2 to the desired concentration ranging between 0-10% for both CO2 and O2, and at controlled pressure in the range of 0-2 barg (0-30 psig).

Delivery pressure is easily regulated by adjusting the knob of the embedded pressure gauge. The device is equipped with a mixing tank to ensure the highest composition stability even when the required output flow is variable.

The Tri-Gas Mixer is compatible with any mini incubator available on the market.

  • Output pressure in the range of 0-2 barg (0-30 psig)

  • CO2 and O2 accuracy: ±0.1%

  • Automatic switch to backup cylinder upon alarm

  • On board memory for data logging

  • Auto calibration with an external calibration gas

  • 0-10 V or 0/4-20 mA analog output linear with the actual gas composition, for remote monitoring with an external data logger

  • Contact closure alarm

  • Auto diagnostic procedure

  • VOC-IN-BYPASS (optional) : VOC filter's holder with bypass panel to saturate newly installed filters with CO2 before using them with the trigas mixture