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The AGA-2021 ASTEC Gas Analyzer by Astec quickly and accurately measures CO2 and O2 levels in the incubator, helping you maintain ideal conditions for cell development.


Utilising the same IR sensor for CO2 and galvanic sensor for O2 as used in Astec incubators, these proven sensor technologies will deliver reliable, accurate reading time after time.

Download AGA-2021 Brochure 


The Tri-Gas Mixer is a digital CO2-O2 controller that mixes CO2, Air and N2 to the desired concentration ranging between 0-10% for both CO2 and O2, and at controlled pressure in the range of 0-2 barg (0-30 psig).

Delivery pressure is easily regulated by adjusting the knob of the embedded pressure gauge. The device is equipped with a mixing tank to ensure the highest composition stability even when the required output flow is variable.

The Tri-Gas Mixer is compatible with any mini incubator available on the market.

  • Output pressure in the range of 0-2 barg (0-30 psig)

  • CO2 and O2 accuracy: ±0.1%

  • Automatic switch to backup cylinder upon alarm

  • On board memory for data logging

  • Auto calibration with an external calibration gas

  • 0-10 V or 0/4-20 mA analog output linear with the actual gas composition, for remote monitoring with an external data logger

  • Contact closure alarm

  • Auto diagnostic procedure

  • VOC-IN-BYPASS (optional) : VOC filter's holder with bypass panel to saturate newly installed filters with CO2 before using them with the trigas mixture

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