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ICSI Crib Enclosure

Okolab ICSI Enclosure

The ICSI Temperature and CO2 enclosure maintains a stable and uniform temperature and CO2 concentration all around the ICSI workstation. 

Keys features include

  • Dual In/out HEPA Filtered Air Heaters

  • CO2 Control or alternatively CO2/N2 Control

  • CO2 IR Sensor inside enclosure

  • Great built quality low gas usage

  • Compatible with all microscopes and manipulators on the market 

HEPA Filtered Air Heater

Superior accuracy is guaranteed by the interplay of three sensors: two for temperature and one for flow rate.

The temperature sensors monitor temperature inside the enclosure and inside the Air Heater.

The flow rate sensor controls the rate at which warm air enters the enclosure and ensures smooth operation and fast heating.

A proprietary smart algorithm determines the minimum flow rate necessary to maintain the controlled temperature at the set point value.

CO2 Controller

The CO2-CONTROLLER-BL connects to the Temperature Controller via a cable-less connector and is operated through the same touch screen interface OKO-TOUCH.

  • IR Sensor accuracy 0.1% 

  • Range 0-18%

  • Calibrate with regular external gas meter

TOUCH Controller

OKO-TOUCH is an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface. It connects to any one of the Bold Line Controllers, detects all equipment in the system and displays all functions supported by the equipment detected.


  • Turn all Bold Line Controllers on/off

  • Define set point values

  • Set flow rates of the Temperature Unit

  • Set flow rates gas controller

  • Define gas cycles of gas controller

  • Select sample or enclosure feedback mode

  • Display all set points and measured parameters

  • Run self calibration procedures

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