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Instructions for use


TGA Approved

Disinfectant ARTG Certificate  

  • Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Disinfectants are designed for IVF laboratory use.

  • Bactericide, fungicide (Candida), algicide and selectively virucide.

  • Each lot is MEA and HSSA tested.

  • No alcohol, no smell, no VOC release.

  • Oosafe®  IVF Laboratory Disinfectants can be used until expiry date even after opening the security seal of the bottle.

  • Each disinfectant has security seal which serves:
    a-Safe transportation: No spill while in transportation.
    b-Quality Assurance: No external factor, you are the first person opening the bottle.

  • IVF use approved by scientific studies and customer feedback.

  • Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Disinfectants have been used by leading IVF clinics in more than 100 countries.

  • Long shelf life, expire 3 years after manufacturing

Hood and Incubator Disinfectant

Safe disinfection of CO2 incubators, laminar flow hoods, glass, plastic, metal, Hi-Macs surfaces, equipment, ultrasound probes and hospital furniture.

  • MEA Tested

  • TGA ARTG Approval

  • Pack Sizes 1L, 5L, Wipes

Safety Data Sheet Spray

Safety Data Sheet Wipes

Surface and Floor Disinfectant 

Safe disinfection and cleaning of laboratory surfaces and floor. It is also compatible with glass, metal, rubber, plastic and wood.

  • MEA Tested

  • Pack Sizes 2L, 10L

Safety Data Sheet

OODH all.png
Hand Sanitiser

Safe disinfection of hands without releasing any VOCs, while keeping your skin soft.

  • MEA Tested

  • Pack Sizes 500ML and 5L

Safety Data Sheet


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