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NAMC (Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast)

This is a plastic-compatible, high-contrast imaging technique for unstained, transparent samples such as oocytes. NAMC provides pseudo-three-dimensional images with a shadow-cast appearance. The direction of contrast can be easily adjusted for each sample.

Nikon ICSI Microscopes Brochure

Nikon ICSI Tech Note

Nikon Ti2 ICSI

Nikon's high-precision CFI60 infinity optics, stable ergonomic design and small footprint makes the Ti2-U the ideal choice for your ICSI System.


Keys features include

  • Tilting Ergo Head for end users comfort

  • Best Optics in class 

  • Built in 1.5x Magnification Changer for ICSI using 20x objective achieving 300x total magnification

  • Left or right side camera port

  • Compatible with all manipulators on the market 

  • Fly Eye illumination filter provides even NAMC LED illumination from edge to edge across the field   

  • NAMC imaging technique for ICSI in plastic dish

NAMC Mouse Embryo.PNG
Takanome Micromanipulator

Takanome is the Japanese metaphor for a hawk locking on to its target. This aptly describes the new micro-manipulation system from Narishige that allows users to lock manipulators into position and easily adjust the approach angle while always keeping the pipette tip in view.

The Takanome manipulators move along a fixed optical axis from 15° to 40° giving users ultimate control over approach angle and the flexibility to work with multiple sample dish types.


The innovative retract/return mechanical movement allows users to retract the pipette by 50mm for easy exchange of sample or needle; when ready, users can push the "working position" tab and the Takanome manipulator will return to the active working position, greatly reducing alignment time and speeding up routine workflow.

NTX Micromanipulator

Micromanipulator systems produced by collaboration between Nikon and Narishige have earned high praise worldwide since their development.

The NTX is a dedicated Narishige micromanipulator set for the Ti2 inverted microscope that allows effortless setup and easy adjustment of the pipette holder.

Spindle View

This polarising light technique allows fine detailed observation of spindle bodies for oocyte assement and the elimination of spindle damage during ICSI.

Using the same condenser as ICSI switching between Spindle View and standard ICSI view (NAMC) is fast and easy.

Spindle view 1.PNG

Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) is a technique in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) field used to select the healthiest sperm for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). This level of morphological scrutiny requires very high magnification and sharp contrast.


Nikon’s CFI Plan LWD IMSI 100X dry objective features a correction collar, DIC compatibility, and can be used with the same polarizer as Nikon’s NAMC optics, which makes switching between multiple objectives and contrast techniques simple.

Nikon IMSI Tech Note

Nikon Stereo Microscope

 The SMZ stereomicroscope series from Nikon features industry-leading optics, large zoom ranges, and wide fields of view for bridging macro- to micro-imaging.  With ergonomic designs, even LED illumination and OCC contrast the SMZ800 or SMZ745 is ideal for your routine specimen inspection application.

OCC Illumination

OCC illumination boosts the contrast of transparent sample structures.With the LED Diascopic Illumination Stand and Fiber Diascopic Illumination Stand, image contrast under OCC illumination can be easily adjusted.

BF Stereo Image.png

Brightfield  Illumination

OCC Illumination.png

OCC Illumination

OCC slider on Base.png

OCC Adjustment on Microscope

SMZ800 Stereo Microscope

Stereo Microscope Brochure

Nikon Ci-L Plus 

The Nikon Ci-L Plus has a simple and easy-to-use design that reduces fatigue from use over long periods. With a robust structure, high quality images and a thoughtful ergonomic design the ECLIPSE Ci-L Plus is ideal for your routine applications.

Nikon Ci-L Plus Brochure

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