Representing Astec, Nikon and a number of other peripheral suppliers we can supply and support  quality instruments required for today's IVF and Cell Culture Laboratory . 

Astec drawer style incubator with independent temperature, CO2, O2 and alarm sensors for each drawer. Each drawer is also a separate hand held incubation chamber

Six separate chambers all with individual control of temperature and gas provides an optimal environmental for embryo development and fast recovery of gas concentration and temperature. Built in gas mixer illuminates the need for expensive pre-mixed gas. 

Dry Culture IVF Incubator

The Astec Smart Station IVF Crib is an integrated IVF work station that includes four individual temperature controls, left/right working areas, central Tokai Hit plate warmer and air temperature, precise CO2 control via IR sensor, timer function allows for automatic turn on within seven days, variable fan speeds for fast setup and motorized stand for operator ergonomics.

Sizes range from 30 liters to 165 liters, air jacketed or water jacketed, IR (Infra-red) sensors or TC (Thermal conductivity) sensors, with or without sterilization. Whatever your application or budget we have you covered.

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With the Nikon Ti2-A as the base we can add a variety of manipulators based on your preference. 

NARISHIGE is devoted to supplying a diverse range of micromanipulators and other products with an unwavering commitment to technology and quality.

A combination of quality optics, ergonomic design and the Oblique Illumination Contrast OCC makes the Nikon SMZ range an ideal tool for todays IVF laboratory. 

Glass and Metal Temperature controlled plates for inverted and stereo microscopes

Glass Temperature controlled plates for inverted and stereo microscopes.

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