SparMED is a registered medical device manufacturer from Denmark with a range of CE marked products products for use in IVF laboratories. Oosafe® is the registered brand for In Vitro Fertilization use Oosafe products are safe and completely fulfill IVF Laboratory requirements.

For all your disinfection needs in IVF Laboratories with Oosafe Disinfectant of CO2 Incubators and Laminar Flow Hoods, Oosafe Surface Disinfectant, Oosafe Hand Disinfectant and Oosafe Disinfection Wipes.

Top quality plasticware is approved by scientists and supported by the test results for each lot.

Oosafe® Filters are an inline filters used in between CO2 incubators and gas sources to purify incoming CO2, N2 and premixed gas against Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Chemically Active Compounds (CACs), bacteria, odor, dust and more

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